First of a Kind Industry Training: Data Governance Fundamentals for Health Plans

I strongly believe that industry-orientation and verticalization is the next big step in the evolution of data governance. Most data governance training programs deal with best practices in a cross-industry manner. However, data governance in banking is completely different from data governance in health plans. I am already doing a public course on Data Governance Fundamentals in Chicago February 5-6, 2013

So I got around to thinking that it would be valuable to put something like this together for a specific industry. Wouldn’t it be nice if health plans had a data governance template that was specific to their industry? A data governance charter for health plans. A sample data governance organization for health plans with roles and responsibilities. A sample data quality scorecard with member and provider KPIs. A sample business case.

My last two books “Selling Information Governance to the Business” and “Big Data Governance” both have chapters on healthcare. Based on these books and my own consulting experience, I have developed a two-day training class tailored to health plans. I have already been delivering this class over the past several months.

The topics for the two-day class are as follows:

  1. Overview of data governance in health plans
  2. Building the business case for data governance in health plans (e.g., Member 360)
  3. Member Data Governance
  4. Provider Data Governance
  5. Organizing for data governance (e.g., sample data governance charter for health plans, sample data governance organization including Medical Informatics, Member Services, Network Management, Marketing, Finance and Privacy)
  6. Data Stewardship Fundamentals
  7. Writing data governance policies (e.g., sharing claims data with external parties)
  8. Building a business glossary
  9. Creating a data quality scorecard
  10. Information lifecycle governance overview (e.g., defensible disposition, test data management, archiving and data retention)
  11. Aligning with Security and Privacy (e.g., HIPAA compliance, aligning with the chief information security officer and chief privacy officer, leveraging data discovery to discover sensitive data)
  12. Big data governance
  13. Reference architecture for data governance

At the end of the class, participants will have a binder of courseware that is specific to health plans. I have taken great pains to use only healthcare examples and content.

I will be emphasizing the industry-orientation of data governance during my workshop on Industry Best Practices at the Data Governance Winter Conference in Ft. Lauderdale in a few weeks.

These are truly exciting times.

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